July 27th  2022, Taipei, Taiwan - FSP Group, the leading manufacturer of high-performance powersupplies today, announces the brand new HYDRO PTM X PRO series powersupplies. 


Small, powerful, and stylish, FSP's new HYDRO PTM X PRO seriespower supplies bring unparalleled versatility with an all-new, revolutionarydesign built into a robust 130mm chassis. Highly compatible with any mid-towerPC case, the unique short footprint of the new HYDRO PTM X PRO power suppliesfar exceeds the performance of a regular power supply with a superior powerdensity in comparison to a regular 190mm PSU. Furthermore, they come paintedwith an industrial-grade conformal coating that protects the power supply inharsh conditions, such as dust, stain,and humid work environments.  


80 Plus® Platinum-certified, the latest HYDRO PTM X PRO seriespower supplies are fully modular, delivering up to 1000W with low noise andhigh-efficiency power across all connected components. Carrying FSP'sgame-changing Eco semi-fanless fan control switch, these new power supply unitsare the best choice for users looking for a noise-free system unit. 


Available for users in 850W, and 1000W units, the HYDRO PTM X PROseries power supplies are highly suitable for gamers and content creators whorequest superior performance and outstanding durability.


Built to perform exceptionally well under high-demand workloadsthe HYDRO PTM X PRO series power supplies utilize superior Japanese capacitor,including bulk capacitors designed to withstand upto 450V, 105°C and avoid the infamous capacitor leakage problem.Additionally, 3.3V & 5V DC-DC module design improves the reliability andenables high component compatibility with low ripple noise that effectively reducesinterference of system components, prolonging hardware lifespan.


Showcasing FSP's superior engineering capability, these new powersupplies carry cutting-edge technologies like the LLC half-bridge topology thatallows zero voltage switching of the main switches, lowering switching lossesand boosting system efficiency drastically.


Furthermore, a single +12V rail power output design enablesefficient power delivery to modern graphic cards ensuring outstandingperformance and stability. 


To conclude, FSP's new HYDRO PTM X PRO series power supplies arethe best choice for gamers and content creators who look to buildhigh-performance systems in a compact mid tower case. They deliver outstandingperformance, unrivaled stability, and lifelong durability. 



Product Information

1000W: https://www.fsplifestyle.com/en/product/HydroPTMXPRO1000W.html

850W: https://www.fsplifestyle.com/en/product/HydroPTMXPRO850W.html

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