Winner of Extreme PC Master season 3 in Vietnam

Extreme PC Master season 3 in Vietnam 
Many modders join this contest to win the prize. We would like to congratulate the winners and share the atmosphere of that day. 
1st in Scratch build: The Tiny – Son Gay                                               SPEC - PSU : FSP Dagger  600W
2 nd in Scratch build: Mèo Thôi Miên – Khang Lê                                     SPEC - PSU : FSP Dagger  600W
Fidget Spinner PC– Trần Tất Đạt by Hanoicomputer                             SPEC- PSU : FSP Dagger 600W
Z-Desk – Ban Dinh Nguyen                                                                            SPEC- PSU : FSP Dagger 600W

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