FSP Announces new Hydro PTM PRO 80 Plus® Platinum PSU Series


‘Off-Wet’ ConformalCoating, Chassis-grade Cooling, Server-grade Design & 10 years Warranty

September 30th 2020, Taoyuan, Taiwan – FSP, a globally leadingpower supply manufacturer, has announced the FSP Hydro PTM PRO Series. TheHydro PTM PRO Series is available in wattages from 650W to 1200W, servingmid-range to enthusiast and workstation PC systems – including the latestNvidia RTX 3000 Series graphics cards – allowing them to unleash the fullpotential of their hardware, while remaining silent in operation.

Unique ‘Off-Wet’ Conformal Coating

Buildingon its industrial experience, the FSP Hydro PTM PRO series is built to last,even in harsh environments, ensuring users have a reliable, long-life operationthat continues through many PC upgrades. Outside it features an ‘Off-Wet’conformal coating, while internally its PCBs use a 3-layer coating. Togetherthey protect it from hazards such as dust, stains, and even relative humidity extremesof up to 95%.

High Performance Server-grade Design

Internally,the Hydro PTM PRO Series’ server-grade design features 100% Japan-made, 105ºC long-lifeelectrolytic capacitors, and uses copper bars between its mainboard and daughterboardto increase power conversion efficiency. It adheres to an extremely tightvoltage regulation that produces an output voltage at +/- 1% accuracy at anyload change, ensuring voltage stability in any situation.

TheHydro PTM PRO design makes the full rated wattage entirely accessible throughthe 12V single rail design – ideal for new Nvidia RTX 3000 Series graphicscards that require up to 350W of peak power. Meanwhile the independent,high-power 5Vsb circuit can produce up to 3A of power to support multipledevices or fast smartphone charging, even when the PC is turned off.

Chassis-grade Cooling & ECO Fan Switch

Aunique heat dissipation design conducts heat from the 12V switching circuitthrough the entire chassis, allowing it to cool more effectively among the PCsystem’s airflow. Its large fan uses a premium fluid dynamic bearing for lownoise and long-life span, while at the back of the chassis a switch enables asemi-fanless mode that only turns on the fan when the internal load exceeds30%.

80 Plus® Platinum rating

The Hydro PTMPRO has been rated 80 Plus® Platinum efficiency, providing maximumpower-efficiency up to 92%. The design uses a single 12V rail with a DC-DCmodule and includes over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protectionfor absolute system safety and operational stability.

Fully Modular Design with Ribbon Cables

Thefully modular design simplifies installation and allows the PC build to useonly the cables required for a cleaner and tidier result. Flat-ribbon cablesmakes cable routing simpler, neater and the minimal profile helps in-caseairflow be more effective. On the 850W, 1000W and 1200W models, three CPU(8+4-pin EPS) power connectors are available to meet the requirements of thehighest end, HEDT and workstation-grade motherboards. Inter-changeable sidestickers allow DIY enthusiasts and gamers to match the design and color totheir PC build.

Compliance with the Latest Standards

TheHydro PTM PRO conforms to the latest ATX12V v2.4 & EPS12V v2.92 standards,supporting the newest generation Intel PC platform.

IEC62368 compliance assures additional safety standards. FSP Group has upgradedthe majority of its power supplies, including the Hydro PTM PRO, to the newstandard in preparation for regulatory changes.      

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