FSP Launches the HYDRO Ti PRO Series Power Supplies for High-Performance PC Builds


10th April 2023, Taipei, Taiwan - FSP Group, one of the world's leading high-performance OEM and ODM power supply manufacturers today, is excited to unveil the brand new HYDRO Ti PRO series power supplies designed with high power density, efficient power delivery, and low noise for high-performance PC builds.

The all-new HYDRO Ti PRO series offers two fully modular power supply units rated at 850W and 1000W, featuring the highly desired 12VHPWR connector, which complies with ATX 3.0 and support for PCIe 5.0, allows top-tier graphics cards to perform at the highest level.  

The HYDRO Ti PRO series's sleek and refined industrial design can make any pc build stand out. Engineered with a fully modular layout for easy installation and significantly reduces cable clutter in the case, resulting in a cleaner and more organized build.

In addition, they feature a quiet and durable cooling system, thanks to the FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) fan with low noise and a long-lasting life span. This fan ensures the power supply runs quietly and effectively while providing optimal cooling for its components.

The HYDRO Ti PRO series use LLC topology circuit design and 450V, 105°C Japanese main bulk capacitors, providing superior performance under load, ensuring stable and reliable power delivery across all components. Despite being 150mm long, they offer a 1000W variant with an unbelievable power density and 80 Plus® Titanium certification. The 1000W HYDRO Ti PRO power supply also comes with a cybernetic badge of A++ certification, which signifies the unparalleled quality of FSP products in the international market. 

FSP's commitment to using high-quality components ensures that these power supplies are reliable and have a prolonged lifespan. With the HYDRO Ti PRO series, users can experience optimal power delivery, quiet operation, and a clean and organized build.

The HYDRO Ti PRO power supplies are now available from FSP's authorized dealers and retailers. For more information, please visit FSP's website.

MSRP Information:
  • 1000W: $349
  • 850W: $299

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About FSP
Founded in 1993, FSP is one of the leading suppliers of power supply products in the world. FSP Group (3015: Taiwan) meets various user demands in power supplies with its’ 400-person strong R&D team, robust production capacity, and comprehensive production lines. FSP offers more than 500 models certified with the 80 PLUS standards and is the leader in 80 PLUS certifications. FSP enables users to enjoy eco-friendly technologies by providing environment friendly, high quality, power supply products to business and consumers. Learn more about FSP Group: www.fsp-group.com

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