Hydro Ti PRO 1000W

  • Complies with ATX12V V3.0 &EPS12V V2.92
  • Efficiency ≧ 94% at typical load
  • 450V, 105°C Japanese bulk capacitors
  • Japanese electrolytic capacitors
  • Industrial-grade design with conformal coating application
  • Eco semi-fanless fan control switch
  • 135mm fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fan
  • Fully modular cabling design
  • ATX 3.0
  • PCIe Gen 5
  • 80plus_Titanium
  • Cybenetics_Titanium
  • Cybenetics_a++

New ATX PSU Specifications

Updated ATX 3.0 specifications for the next-generation hardware power demands and ensure users get the most stable and cost-optimized performance possible with the highest power efficiency. Click here to know more details.

Ultra Power Density

Compared to general high-efficiency & high wattage PSU 170mm length, Hydro Ti PRO series delivers high power with shorter size of 150mm.

80 Plus® Titanium Certification

Hydro Ti PRO series is a power supply with 80 PLUS® Titanium provides over 94% efficiency at the load of 50 % and Cybenetics-certified for lower power consumption.

Smarter, Quieter and Longer Lasting Eco Friendly Fan

Under 50% loading, you will enjoy Zero RPM experience when eco semi-fanless fan control switch is on, , and get the benefit of long lifespan from a 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan.

Lambda A++ Certification

Hydro Ti PRO ATX3.0(PCIe5.0) 1000W got Lambda A++ noise rating. By averaging the noise measurements that take from Cybenetics test results.

PSU Noise Level Certifications

A++<15 dB(A)
A+≥15 dB(A) & <20 dB(A)
A≥20 dB(A) & <25 dB(A)
A-≥25 dB(A) & <30 dB(A)
STANDARD ++≥30 dB(A) & <35 dB(A)
STANDARD +≥35 dB(A) & <40 dB(A)
STANDARD≥40 dB(A) & <45 dB(A)
*Source from Cybenetics website.

Off-Wet, Off-Dust and Off-Stain Coating

Covered with exclusive conformal coating which guarantees to offer better and reliable performance in harsh environments and is tested to work in environments up to 95% relative humidity.

LLC Topology

Zero voltage switching of the main switches thereby dramatically lowering switching losses and boosting efficiency.

450V, 105°C Japanese E-Capacitors

Hydro Ti PRO series uses Japanese bulk capacitors to ensure a longer lifetime and protect your equipment from the infamous capacitor leakage problem.

Unleash +12V Power Output

VGA card is a power-hungry component that needs most power. A single +12V rail design can deliver stable power and avoid any overloading conditions.

Fully Modular Design 

Fully-modular design not just for easier installation, but also provides your system a neat and tidy look.

Stylish & Changeable Side Sticker

Includes unique side stickers for DIY enthusiasts and gamers.

Cable Length

A unit of length: mm



PCIe 6+2 Pin

PCIe 6+2 Pin






 atx cable 24 pinEPS 4 4 pinEPS 4 4 pinpcie 6+2 pinhd statmolex


AC Input
100-240Vac~  13-6A  50-60Hz (Not for China, Korea)
200-240Vac~  6A        50-60Hz (Only for China, Korea)
DC Output+3.3V+5V+12V-12V+5Vsb
Max Output Current20A20A83.33A0.3A3A
Max Combined Power120W1000W18.6W
Total Power1000W


Model HTI-1000M
Rated Output Power 1000W
Form Factor ATX
80 PLUS Certification Titanium
Input Voltage 100-240V
Input Current 13-6A
Input Frequency 50-60Hz
PFC Active PFC
Efficiency ≥94% at typical load
Fan Type FDB fan, 135mm
Dimensions(L x W x H) 150×150×86 mm
Protection OCP, OVP, OPP, SCP, OTP