FSP Signs Worldwide Partnership with New Distributor Making it the Biggest Deal Ever


Our Latest Foray into the NewEmerging Market is inked in with new Partner FPS


July 7, 2020 – Taipei, Taiwan –FSP, one of the world’s leading power supply manufacturers, is pleased toannounce a newly signed contract with FPS (FSP Power Solutions Gmbh) to marketand distribute a range of FSP products across Russia & Ukraine.


New Beginnings

FPS will officially become theonly business partner across Russia& Ukraine for FSP’s products. The new agreement will create a solidfoundation in Russia & Ukraine and coverproduct information, warranty, product enquiries, and contact information ofthe new partner.


Strategic partnership for the region

FPS and ELKO Group will establish a strategicpartnership for the region and have already successfully launched into keymarkets with the following: Region New Exclusive PSU for DesktopPC – FSP PNR PRO, Retail PSU for Gamers, and Desktop PC Cases & UPS


Russian Market and Distributors

FPS recognizes a huge potential in the market and plans to implement anaggressive marketing strategy which allows it to re-enforce sales in theregion.

With a wide assortment, excellent quality and attractive conditions withthe distributors' channel power allow us to propose the bestmarket offerings to the customers.

Together with market leaders like X-com.ru, NIX.ru, Komus.ru, and Regard.ru we are already on the way and will expand our presence continuously. The firstpositive feedback from our partners and customers have confirmed our strategyand we are happy to continue with the implementation.

FPS is already successfully developing projectbusiness in the industrial solutions market in Russia. We’ve selected a widerange of products, provided professional and fast technical support, thepossibility of customization, and offering a higher quality and longer servicecontract to attract more and more customers. Even now, at this beginning stage of business development, FPS has generated some success and iscollaborating with distributors such as ELKO, Fivel, Asbis, BitikeyElectronics, Auroramobile.


UkrainianMarket and Distributors

In Ukraine, FPS found out pretty quickly that it is a highly professional market and withindustry leaders like rozetka.ua, itbox.ua, kvshop.com.ua, f.ua, and www.3ona51.com launch premiumproducts such as the T-WINGS PCDesktop case and the worldwide renowned 1st PSU with aqua coolingtechnology HYDRO PTM+ as the most effective for this sector. The distributionchannel was improved with professional local distributors like ERC and TDBwhich enabled us to cover all markets and propose excellent availability withtop-niche services from our distributors to our channel partners.

Based on this success in key markets, FPS would like to welcome allregion participants to their global power supply network and wish all asuccessful business lifecycle together.

For contact information, please address it toinfo@fsp-group.com.ru and info@fsp-group.com.ua. If you want to find out moreinformation about FSP Russia or FSP Ukraine please head over to their website, accordingly. Further information may also be obtained from their Facebook page .

About FSP

FSP was founded in 1993, and it isone ofthe leading manufacturers of power supply products in the world.FSP Group (3015: Taiwan) meets various user demands in power supplies with its400-person strong R&D team, robust production capacity and comprehensiveproduction lines. With more than 500 models certified with 80 PLUS standards,it is the world’s number one manufacturer with the most 80 PLUS certifications.FSP employs eco-friendly technologies by providing the best environmentprotection and quality power supply products. FSP Group’s websites for RU and for UA , for RETAIL

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