19” Rack-Mount Li-Ion Battery BS4866FSP

FSP’s 19” Rack-Mount Li-Ion Battery adopts highly reliable Lithium battery cells for long cycle life (2000+) and consistent performances.The battery packs use advanced Battery Management System (BMS) to enhance system performance, prolong life and warrant safety.
  • Flexible installation
  • Tier one battery cells
  • Real time monitoring
Each battery rack has its dedicated battery management circuitry and can be safely used individually or in parallel (to increase capacity) as key storage element in a modern Energy Storage System.

When used properly these battery racks can provide decade long usable life.


    ‧ Industrial backup power systems.
    ‧ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
    ‧ Telecom, Data Center


3U LiFePO4 Ion Rack

1. Parallelable for up to 10 packs (consult factory for more than 10)
2. Real time monitoring of cell Voltages, module/ branch currents, cell temperatures.
3. Individual battery branch control for extended availability
4. Stable & reliable name-brand battery cells from fully automatic production lines.


Model BS4866FSP
Rated Energies 3,400Wh
Rated Voltage / Capacity 51.2V / 66Ah
Cell Type LiFePO4 (66Ah single cell)
Charging Voltage 58.4V
Maximum Charge Cut Off Voltage 58.4V
Minimum Discharge Cut Off Voltage 40.0V
Nominal Charging Current 30A
Maximum Charging Current 60A
Rated Discharge Current 70A
Normal Operating Temperatures Charging: 0-50℃; Discharging: -20-60℃
*Consult factory for operations beyond normal operating temperatures
Balancing Built-in Passive Balancing circuits among cells in a module and Active Balancing circuits between modules
Battery protection Over-charge, Over-discharge, Over-temperature, Under-temperature, Over-current, Short-circuit protections
Communication bus RS-485
Dimensions(Lx W x H) 552.5 x 450.0 x 126.5 (3U rack)
Weight 39kg
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