“Green Power, Intelligent, PV Inverter, Energy Storage and All-in-one Solution”


FSP shows its "Green Power, Intelligent, PV Inverter, Energy Storage and All-in-oneSolution” Products at ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE 2017

Bringing Renewable Energy to the forefront and contributingto Global Carbon Emission Reductions


[Willich, Germany – Feb. 9th, 2017] - Power Supply manufacturer FSP Technology Inc. announced to join ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany. FSP Group–Fortron Source Europa GmbH is to show the EMERGY 1000/3000 Energy Storage Systems, Grid-tied/ Off-Grid PV Inverters, and ION Mate, the All-in-Onesolution as part of their eco-friendly power storage range and enterprise andhome server PSU range.

Eco-Friendly Power Storage Systems

The EMERGY1000/3000 stand to revolutionize the way consumers transport and harnesspower, with the potential to save thousands of watt hours off a singlecharge. Designed to be portable and silent, the EMERGY 1000 and 3000 are highlyefficient, fanless, battery chargers that have easy-to-use retractable handles.The portable devices have dual AC/PV inputs to easily charge the high-powered600 watts and 1.5kW inverter.

ION Mate the perfect companion for solar power managment


The ION MATE is FSP`s solutionon power grid failures. It is a stand-alone, self-managedall- in-one energy storage system. In keeping things "green" the ION MATE is the perfect companion for solar power management. It houses long-life lithium ironphosphate batteries, power management is run off AC and photovoltaic chargersand the DC-AC inverters streamlines the conversion from battery to electricityin the home.

The PV inverters including Grid-tied Inverter, Off-grid Inverter with backup, and Hybrid Inverter with backup. These inverters are the ideal solution for PV panel installations and backup for off-grid management. The aforesaid inverters work seamlessly with solar panels, FSP PV inverters, FSP ION rack, and the household wiring box to deliver a scalable and flexiblepower system. Not only does it reach peak EU efficiency (96%) but also meetsstringent component requirements from global vendors.


Depend on your cost demand, HySpirit can offer you a difference choice for self-consumption or load shifting automatically via battery banks and / or solar power without utility power to save your money and/or reduce  energy bill. It offers you Grid-tied, Off-Grid, Grid-tiedwith backup, and UPS function.


A simpler application is our Off-Grid model, EssenSolar. Its peak efficiency is 96% and CEC efficiencyis 95.5% with 2 individual MPPTs to drain the maximum power. Its NEMA6 enclosure ensures higher reliability. For safety operation, it features overload, short circuit, over /under voltage, and high temperatureprotection. Besides, its online monitoring software delivers real-time statusdisplay.

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All these productswill be on display and FSP’s staff will be ready to take your questions at ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE Düsseldorf 2017.



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