FSP Introduces 80PLUS Bronze Certified Hydro Power Supply Series


FSP, the performance power specialist, ispleased to announce a new line of gaming power supplies: the Hydro Series. Witha wealth of experience in manufacturing high-efficiency power supplies, theHydro series reflects FSP's high standards in reliability and performance ataffordable prices.


Powerful Single +12V Rail

Perfect for power-hungry GPUs, the single +12V rail providesstability and ease of use. Get the maximum potential of your power supply withthe ability to deliver clean currents under a heavy load. 


Low Noise & Intelligent Fan Control

The 80Plus® Bronze certified Hydro series with 88% peakefficiency are equipped with a 120mm fan. The intelligent fan control adjustsfan speeds for optimal cooling performance. Even under maximum loads this powersupply series stays silent.

Flat Ribbon Cable Design

The sleek ribbon cables make it easy for gamers and PCenthusiasts to give their systems a tidy and organized look. The long (450mm)20+4 pin makes it easy to route all cables through the motherboard tray –minimizing clutter and maximizing airflow.


Wide Input Voltage Range

FSP ensures over 85% efficiency over a wide AC voltage rangefrom 160V to 280V. Even when mains voltage is unstable, you can depend onconsistent power from 80 PLUS Bronze Certified FSP Hydro.






    230V 80PLUS® Bronze certification with 88%peak efficiency

    Powerful single +12V rail design

    Advanced air-flow design for silent operationunder maximum loads

    Complies with newest ATX12V & EPS12Vstandards

    Wide input AC range from 160V to 280V

    Flat ribbon cable design

    SLI and Crossfire ready

    Full protections: corrections for overvoltage, current, power, under voltage, and short circuit protection

    Backed by a 5-yearwarranty



The 80Plus Bronze certified FSPHydro series is now available in Australia and New Zealand in 500W/600W/700Wversions.

For moreproduct information:

Hydro 500W http://www2.fsplifestyle.com/home/product.php?rKey=P163000592

Hydro 600W http://www2.fsplifestyle.com/home/product.php?rKey=P163000591

Hydro 700W http://www2.fsplifestyle.com/home/product.php?rKey=P163000590











For more product information:

FSP Corporate Website: www.fsp-group.com

FSP Retail Product Website: www.FSPLifestyle.com

FSP Blogblog.fsp-group.com





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