Everything you need to know when you are installing components in your CMT510

Q1: Fan is running, light is on, but RGB effect of the fan cannot be switched? (when Motherboard is not synced)

STEP 1: Shut down the PC and turn off the power. 
STEP 2: Open the side cover, verify if the RGB SW cable of I/O control panel inside the case is connected to controller board as shown in Fig. a, and power cable of the controller board is correctly connected as shown in  Fig. b.
STEP 3: Lock up the side cover and start the PC, now the fan works and the lighting effect can be switched over by pressing RGB SW.
STEP 4: Contact FSP customer service if the lighting effect still cannot be switched over normally.

↑ fig. a

↑ fig. b

Q2: How to change the lighting effect on CMT510?

Press the RGB button on the I/O control panel.
The controller board provides 6 different lighting effects:

  • Single Color
  • Static7-color cycling (Flash)
  • 3-color cycling (Flash 3 Colors),
  • Breathing Mode
  • No Light.

Q3: How to sync CMT510 RGB lighting effect with your motherboard?

CMT510 has no sync function therefore cannot be connected with the motherboard for synchronized lighting effect.

Q4: Individual fan does not run or light up?

STEP 1: Shut down the PC and turn off the power.
STEP 2: Open the side cover and verify if the fan connector is firmly connected to the controller board inside the case as shown in Fig. c
STEP 3: Lock up the side cover and start the PC.Contact FSP customer service for further assistance.

↑ fig. c

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