Windale Series Windale 6

  • 6/4 (Windale 6 and Windale 4) direct heat-pipes conduct CPU dice for better cooling performance
  • Optimized fin design
  • Anti-vibration rubber used to minimize movement and noise
  • Universal mounting bracket compatible with the latest sockets of Intel and AMD (AM4)
  • Better cooling performance by CPU direct contact technology
  • Extreme silent 120mm fan
The Windale series CPU coolers use a 120mm fan with direct contact heatpipes and high-tech fin design, which helps to reduce the heat from the CPU efficiently by transferring it onto the connected heatpipes. Windales Series delivers outstanding cooling performance and improve the heat dissipation from the CPU. Windales Series ensures that the cooler stays relatively silent under extreme load situations. It’s the perfect cooling product to PC building.

CPU Direct Contact Technology

Six heat pipes direct contact with CPU, 100% copper heatpipes is touched on the base, creates a large thermal area and enhances the heat conduction from the CPU to the heatsink, the technology also protecting CPU and extending its lifespan.

Gaming Stylish Outlook Design

Extra silent 120mm blue LED fan and black plating aluminum alloy heatsink, this coating protects the heat sink from oxidation and allows excellent heat transfer efficiency, let your PC look fancier.

Best Air flow With Fin Design

Each cooling fin of Windale 6 is shaped four rectangular holes which can increase the surface area for contacting the heat. With this design, the inside air flow becomes more smoothly and heat emission process becomes more quickly.

Optimized Fin Design

Windale 6 is featured with unique surface treatment specially designed to keep heat away from its source rapidly, 120 mm fin design provides optimized cooling effect, also enhances the speed of heat dissipation.

Windale Series Get Ready For
AMD RYZEN and Intel Kaby Lake


Best Performance and Silent Fan

With Paragliding blade Design, the fan keep airflow over key components more efficiency and low noise.

Stable Anti-Vibration Rubber

Flexible and soft anti-vibration rubber is easy to assemble. Windale 6 provides a better connection to minimize movement and noise between fan and heat sink.
*The lower the temperature, the better the cooing effect.
The test is bsaed on 26°C ambient temperature.

Super Cooling Performance Cooler Than Others

Easy Installation for Intel and AMD CPU

Windale 6 equips with multiple clips to support, and a universal mounting bracket compatible with the sockets of Intel and AMD.