Hydro PTM X PRO ATX3.0 PCIe5.0 850W

Hydro PTM X PRO 系列為全模組化低噪電源,展現更高功率密度長度縮短為 130mm,更輕鬆容易的安裝使用在機殼內,通過 80 Plus® Platinum 電源。 憑藉 LLC 半橋拓撲電路設計和 450V、105°C 日本大容量電容,展現高效功率和穩定輸出。用工業級電源「獨特防潮塗層」製程,強調防潮、防塵、防鏽,確保在嚴峻環境中維持卓越且穩定的電性表現,提供使用者安心安全的使用體驗。因應ATX3.0與PCIe gen 5升級12VHPWR接頭,以及符合ATX3.0各項嚴苛的電性規範,領先業界成為升級的最佳首選電源!
  • 符合最新ATX12 V3.0標準 & EPS12V V2.92
  • 超過92%高效率轉換率
  • 工業級獨特防潮塗層技術
  • 450V, 105°C 工業用日系大電容
  • 全日系工業等級電解電容
  • +12V單路電力輸出設計
  • +5V & 3.3V DC to DC 架構設計
  • ECO 風扇溫控開關切換設計
  • 長效安靜 120mm FDB 液態軸承風扇
  • 全模組化黑扁線材設計
  • 全球獨創可替換側標貼紙
  • 多重保護機制:OCP/OVP/OPP/SCP/OTP

▲Know More About ATX 3.0 & PCIe Gen 5

Power Excursion to 200%

Increased tolerance for high power spikes, for the compatible PSU platforms. For 450W PSU, up to 200% of the PSU's rated power for 100μs with a 10% duty cycle.

High Power Density

Compared to general high-efficiency & high wattage PSU 190mm length, the Hydro PTM X PRO series delivers over 850W with shorter size of 130mm.

ECO Switch, Quieter and Longer Lasting Fan

Under 30% loading, you will enjoy 0 dBA experience when eco semi-fanless fan control switch is on.

Exclusive Conformal Coating

Covered with exclusive conformal coating protects it from dust, stains, humidity and guarantees to offer better and reliable performance in harsh environments.

LLC Half Bridge Topology

Zero voltage switching of the main switches thereby dramatically lowering switching losses and boosting efficiency.

450V, 105°C Japanese Bulk Capacitors

HYDRO PTM X PRO series uses Japanese Bulk capacitors to ensure a longer lifetime and protect your PSU from sudden power change.

80 Plus® Platinum Certification

HYDRO PTM X PRO series is a power supply with 80 PLUS® Platinum provides over 92% efficiency at the load of 50 % and reduces electricity cost.

Powerful +12V Single Rail for your VGA

HYDRO PTM X PRO series offers VGA cards full & stable power individually and to avoid any overloading conditions.

Fully Modular Design with Black Flat Cable

Fully-modular design not just for easier installation, but also provides your system a neat and tidy look.

Stylish & Changeable Side Sticker

Includes unique side stickers for DIY enthusiasts and gamers.


 atx cable 24 pinEPS 4 4 pinEPS 4 4 pinpcie 6+2 pinhd statmolexEPS 4 4 pin
ATX 244+4 PINPCIe 12+4PCI-E 6+2SATAMolex


AC Input
100-240Vac~  11-5.5A  50-60Hz (Not for China)
200-240Vac~  5.5A        50-60Hz (Only for China)
DC Output+3.3V+5V+12V-12V+5Vsb
Max Output Current20A20A70.83A0.3A3A
Max Combined Power120W850W18.6W
Total Power850W


產品型號 HPT3-850M,Gen5
額定功率 850W
Form Factor ATX
80 PLUS等級 Platinum
輸入電壓 100-240V
輸入電流 11-5.5A
輸入電壓頻率 50-60Hz
功率校正PFC Active PFC
轉換效率 92%
風扇 FDB fan, 120mm
尺寸 (長x寬x高) 130×150×86 mm
操作溫度 100,000 Hrs
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