Twins 700W

  • ATX PS2 redundant size, no front end bracket needed, ideal for mail, web and home server
  • Digital-controlled power supply design can be monitored by “FSP Guardian ” software
  • Hot swappable modules design and no worry about server/PC power off when one of modules failure
  • Complete protection: over current protection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection, fan failure protection
  • Alarm guard design by smart power supply status LED indicator
  • 80 PLUS® 230V Internal Gold Certification
  • Complies with ATX 12V and EPS 12V standards
  • Flat ribbon cables, ideal solution for applications with space constraint issue
  • 80plus_Gold
Twins series is an ATX size redundant power supply, without front end bracket, especially designed for PS2 chassis. Equipped with two power supply modules that can work at the same time, give you double guarantees. No matter for startups, SMC business or home users, Twins series is a good power supply units for mail, web or home server. Hot swappable modules designs let users do not need to worry about server/PC power off situation anymore.

Server-grade & Stable Power Supply Provider

Different from the general power supply units, Twins series is a redundant power supply unit with two power modules. In normal situation, these two power modules will automatically share the load for optimum efficiency; while one fails, the other module will immediately take over the whole load.That is redundant power supply is usually used in industrial data centers's sever or banking computer systems.
Twins can guarantee your PC system under a stable power supply situation.

Hot Swappable Modules Design

When a power module fails and the redundant unit takes over immediately, the damaged one can be replaced without stopping the operation. No need to worry about the risk of data disappearance or the disruption of system.

80 Plus® Gold Certification


Twins Series is a power supply with 80 PLUS® 230V Internal Gold Certification that guarantees to operate at a minimum of 90% efficiency at 50% load of PSU rated power and as a result to reduce lots of electricity cost.

FSP Intelligent Monitor Software

Users can use FSP Guardian software to monitor power input, power output, efficiency, and other internal records in real time and get the historical data within 30 days. When power input or output reaches the warning points during the process , FSP Guardian will immediately shows warning message to remind the latest situation of Twins.

Installation Tip

Connect the USB of Twins to a motherboard USB header before install FSP Guardian.

Throught setting the sender and conditions information in FSP Guardian software Version 2.0, you can remote monitoring in real time and get immediately warning message by your mail.

Ideal for Home or Business Server

Twins series is an ATX size redundant power supply, without front end bracket, it is compatible for most PS2 chassis. It is an ideal power supply unit solution for startups, small and medium-sized businesses web or mail server systems, semi-industrial  application. It is also the best power supply unit for intelligent home computer station.

Black Ribbon Cable Design

Easy install avoids cables becoming messy, saves the chassis' inner space, lets the airflow smooth, enhances the heat emission effect and finally extends the life span of each component.

DC to DC Module Design

+12V SR circuit, combining both +3.3V and +5V DC-DC modules, offers supreme efficiency, voltage stability and high system compatibility especially in cross regulation (unbalanced load) mode.


Twins Single Modules for Replacement

Supplementary single module can be purchased in local markets. If you have any further inquire, please contact FSP's loal dealers or branches.

Frame Model No. : FSP700-50RGHBE1

AC Input100-240Vac~  10-5A  50-60Hz
DC Output+3.3V+5V+12V-12V+5Vsb
Max Output Current20.0A20.0A51.0A0.5A3.0A
Max Combined Power130W   
Total Power700W

Single Module Model No. : FSP720-20RGGBE1

AC Input100-240Vac~  10-5A  50-60Hz
DC Output+12V⎓60.0A+5Vsb⎓3.0A
Total Power720W


 atx cable 24 pinEPS 4 4 pinpcie 6+2 pinhd statmolex2.5 floppy
ATX 20+44+4 PINPCI-E 6+2SATAMolex


모델명 Frame: FSP700-50RGHBE1 Single Module: FSP720-20RGGBE1
정격 출력 700W
제품 규격 PS2 ATX Redundant
80 PLUS 인증 Gold
입력 전압 100-240 Vac (Full Range)
입력 전류 10-5A
입력 주파수 60-50 Hz
PFC회로 Active PFC
효율 ≥90% at typical load
팬 종류 Dual ball bearing fan, 40 mm
제품사이즈(L x W x H) 150 x 190 x 86mm
제품 무게 2.85kg
보호 회로 OCP/OVP/SCP/FFP(Fan Failure Protection)