• 最新のATX12 V3.0準拠 & EPS12V V2.92
  • 80PLUS®Gold認証取得
  • 90%以上の高い変換効率
  • 電力効率と安定性を向上する独自設計「FSP MIA IC」チップセットを搭載
  • 低負荷かつ低温時にファン停止するセミファンレス設計
  • 静音性、耐久性の高い92mmボールベアリングファン搭載
  • フルモジュラー方式の薄型リボンケーブル採用
  • パワフルな+12Vシングルレーン設計
  • 日本メーカー製105℃電解コンデンサーを採用
  • 最新のSFX 12V V3.3に準拠
  • 安心の各種保護回路搭載:OCP、OVP、SCP、OPP、OTP
  • 製品保証10年
  • 12VHPWRの最大電力供給は600W
  • 80plus_Gold
  • ATX 3.0
  • PCIe Gen 5
  • 62368

New ATX PSU Specifications

Updated ATX 3.0 specifications for the next-generation hardware power demands and ensure users get the most stable and cost-optimized performance possible with the highest power efficiency.
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Tiny but Powerful

The DAGGER PRO ATX3.0 series is compatible with most Mini-ITX and Micro ATX small form factor PCs. It is an ideal for home computer rigs but a great alternative for mini-PC enthusiasts.

Advance Cable Management and Flat Ribbon Cables

Fully-modular design and flat ribbon cables provide easier installation. An ideal solution for applications with space constraints, enhancing overall airflow efficiency and cable management.

92mm Fan Optimized for Low-noise Operation

DAGGER PRO ATX3.0 series is included an advanced semi-fanless design that will spin over 20% loading, make silent and reduce noise under maximum operation.

80 Plus® Gold Certification

DAGGER PRO ATX3.0 series is a power supply with 80 PLUS® Gold Certification that guarantees to operate at a minimum of 90% efficiency at 50% load of PSU rated power and as a result to reduce lots of electricity cost.

Powerful +12V Single Rail for your VGA

VGA card is a component which needs greedy and stable power supporting most. The compact size DAGGER PRO ATX3.0 series comes with a single +12V rail design that offers VGA cards full power individually and to avoid any overloading conditions.

High Compatibility for High Power

The DAGGER PRO 750W comes with a native PCIe 5.0 connector for the latest graphic card and features dual CPU power connectors to support high-end motherboards for gaming enthusiasts.

Japanese electrolytic capacitors

DAGGER PRO ATX3.0 series uses Japanese electrolytic capacitors to ensure a longer lifetime and protect your PSU from sudden power change!

Supports High-end Motherboard

Adapts to your individual requirements, not only does it fit into cases with the SFX form factor, but can also be installed in a simple steps into normal ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX cases.




AC Input
100-240Vac~  10-6A  50-60Hz (not for china)
200-240Vac~  6A  50-60Hz (Only for china)
DC Output+3.3V+5V+12V-12V+5Vsb
Max Output Current20A20A62.5A0.3A2.5A
Max Combined Power120W750W3.6W12.5W
Total Power750W


 atx cable 24 pinEPS 4 4 pin12+4 pinpcie 6+2 pinhd statmolex
ATX 20+44+4 PINPCIe 6+212VHPWRSATAMolex

型番 SDA2-750, Gen5
定格出力 750W
フォームファクタ SFX
80 PLUS 認証 Gold
入力電圧 100-240V
入力電流 10-6A
入力周波数 50-60Hz
PFC Active PFC
電力変換効率 ≥90% at typical load
冷却ファン ボールベアリングファン,92mm
サイズ (W x L x H) 125 × 100 × 63.5 mm