The new VIVA series comply fully ATX12 v2.4 standard and meets 80% efficiency at typical load, and with qualified all black cables, will give your PC a polished look. The VIVA series is characterized by a powerful single +12V rail design that continually delivers maximun performance for the most demading components. The VIVA series is designed to tolerate 140V-265V wide AC input and with 420V capacitors to ensure PSU working performance when facing unstable AC source input. Furthermore, with low noise levels thanks to its large 120mm fan takes care of cooling duties when required, making it excellent for situations that are sensitive to size and noise.
  • Complies with ATX12 v2.4
  • Efficiency 80% @ typical load
  • Active PFC ≥ 0.9
  • 450V capacitors for durable performance
  • +12V Single-rail design
  • 120mm silent & long life fan
  • Complete protections : OVP/OPP/SCP

True Power, You Can Count on

With 0.9 Active Power Factor Correction, the VIVA series comes across with guarantee wattage of continuous power, delivers full power to your PC system.

420V Capacitor for durable performance

The bulk capacitor inside servers to support working under an extremely harsh environment, such as with high temperatures, peak voltage fluctuations. It stabilizes the performance for high reliability that you system can count on.

Ultra-wide Range of AC Input

The VIVA series is with a unique design to be capable of tolerating a range of 140V-265V AC input to protect your PC build against different electrical faults, especially for unstable electric power delivery region.

Unleash +12V Power Output

VGA card is a component which needs greedy and stable power supporting most. A single +12V rail design that VGA cards full power individually and to avoid any overloading conditions.

All Black Cables Design

The VIVA series come with all black cables which offers your system a superior look compared with other entry-level power supplies.

Optimal Cooling

An advanced thermal control fan makes optimal cooling and reduces noise under maximum operation.

Intel CPU

Supports Latest CPU Systems

VIVA series fully supports high performance systems, and complies with the most recent Intel (ATX12V v2.4 & EPS12V v2.92) and AMD standards.


 atx cable 24 pinEPS 4 4 pinpcie 6+2 pinhd statmolex2.5 floppy
ATX 20+44+4 PINPCI-E 6+2SATAMolex


AC Input200-240Vac~  5A  50-60Hz
DC Output+3.3V+5V+12V-12V+5Vsb
Max Output Current14A14A40A0.3A2.5A
Max Combined Power103W   
Total Power500W


Model AX500-50YTN
Rated Output Power 500W
Form Factor ATX
Input Voltage 200-240V
Input Current 5A
Input Frequency 50-60Hz
PFC Active PFC
Efficiency 80%
Fan Type Sleeve fan, 120mm
Dimensions(L x W x H) 150 x 140 x 86mm
Protection OVP, OPP, SCP
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