● Under300 WATT

ECO 400

Nano 400

● 300-399 WATT

FP 600

ECO 600

iFP 600

Nano 600

NanoFit 600

● 400-499 WATT

FP 800

ECO 800

iFP 800

Nano 800

NanoFit 800

● 600-799 WATT


iFP 1K

● 800-999 WATT

Champ Tower 1K

Champ Rack 1K

Custos 9X+ 1K

Custos 9X+ 1KL

FP 1.5K

iFP 1.5K

● 1000-1499 WATT

Custos 9X+ 1.5K

Custos 9X+ 1.5KL


iFP 2K

● 1500-1999 WATT

Champ Tower 2K

Champ Rack 2K

Custos 9X+ 2K

Custos 9X+ 2KL

● 2000-3000 WATT

Champ Tower 3K

Champ Rack 3K

Custos 9X+ 3K

Custos 9X+ 3KL

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