NanoFit 800

A compact size with stand and mounting flexibility Off line UPS to provide the expected backup power for home, gaming or personal appliances.
  • Compact size can be desktop or wall-mounted
  • Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Simulated sine wave
  • Cold start function
  • 6 outlets
  • 2 ports USB charger 5V / 1A (Max.)
  • RJ45 surge protection (NanoFit 800 only)
  • Touch LCD in AC & Battery mode (NanoFit 800 only)(Output & Input voltage / Load level / Battery capacity / Overload)

Product Overview


6 Surge Protected Outlets

Compact size can be desktop or wall-mounted

RJ45 Surge Protection safeguards your equipment against damaging surges and spikes that travel along utility and internet lines.

Nanofit 800 can be monitored by computer software

FSP UPS provides back up battery power so you can work through short and medium length power outages.

Protect your productivity from the constant threat of bad power and lost data.

NanoFit series Backup Time Table

 Recommended Application
ModelNanoFit 600NanoFit 800
Equipment1 PC + 1 Monitor1 PC + 1 Monitor(65“TV)+ 1 Speaker
Backup Time7min3.5min
850W50% up50% up


Modell NanoFit 800
Aufnahmeleistung 800VA / 480W
Eingangsspannungsbereich 220/230/240 Vac
Eingangsfrequenzbereich 60Hz / 50Hz (Auto sensing)
Ausgang AC Spannungsregelung ±10%
Ausgangsfrequenz 60Hz or 50Hz ±1Hz
Ausgang Kurvenverlauf (Batt. M Simulated Sinewave
Transfer Zeit Typical 2-6 ms, Max. 10ms
Batterie Typ & Anzahl 12V / 5Ah x 1
Batterie typische Aufladezeit 8 hours recover to 90% capacity
Gewicht 2.9 Kg
Geräuscheentwicklung Less than 40dB
Abmessung (HxBxT) 305 x 158.5 x 95 mm
Schutz Overload, discharge, and overcharge protection
Luftfeuchtigkeit 0-90 % RH @ 0- 40°C (non-condensing)
Prüfsiegel CE


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