Performance and Efficiency By Laurent Petipas
France Laurent Petipas France

Co-owner of Watermod with Mathieu Heredia-No1 Modder in France

Performance and Efficiency

The purpose of this mod was to highlight the FSP Hydro PTM+ ! For this we have retained the Cougar Conquer case because it allows maximum exposure of the power supply and its ability to be cooled by water. We also wanted to keep the racy and dynamic spirit of the case and we took as inspiration the world of racing bikes. The front of the Conquer takes the appearance of a motorcycle with its fairing on which we put the FSP log. The watercooling pipes with black liquid inside recalls the oil circulating in the "engine" of the mod. Regarding the tubbing, it was made in order to follow the contours of the frame / components to increase the "performance and efficiency" aspects. The high-end look has not been forgotten thanks to the addition of a gold paint touch to give a small luxury allure to the Mod.

Laurent Petipas's Mod PC

FSP Hydro PTM+ Power Supply 1200W
Asus strix X299E
Intel Core i9 7980XE
Asus strix 1080TI OC
32 GO CORSAIR Dominator PLATINUM Limited Edition
Water System

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