Project Hades By Lee Harrington

Project Hades

I wanted to build a mod that was new and fresh, but I also wanted something different. I've been wanting to try the new Hex res from Bitspower for some time now but in a different way. My inspiration for this mod derived from that res and I needed something big enough to fit multiple Hex reservoirs. Coolermaster was kind enough to send me the Cosmos C700P which was a perfect case for my build to create a unique setup. I have long been a fan of a good UV system and what better color than UV green. That is when Project Hades was born!

Lee Harrington's Mod PC

FSP Hydro PTM+ Power Supply 1200W
Asus Strix X299-E Gaming
Intel i9 7900X
2 x Nvidia Titan Xp
Corsair Vengeance RGB 32gb 3000mhz
Samsung 960 Pro 250gb M.2
Case & Fans
Coolermaster C700P case
Coolermaster RGB fans
All Bitspower watercooling parts

Mod on your mood, Mod your own with HYDRO PTM+.