Reference Project

Case: Walmart

Application: Retail

Place: China


Solution:Solution: LFS Series (18W single & 36W dual output)

In order to be the best retail store in China and achieve the substainable growing target, Walmart start to use LED lighting in their marketplace. The lighting expense stands around 20% of total power consumption, they start to change the LED lighting from general lighting and fridge lighting application.Walmart would like to achieve 7.4% decrease on CO2 comparing to 2005 amount.


Main products: FSP provides 18W high efficiency single & dual output drivers for LED tube application which the efficiency would be higher than 86%. Our high reliability and robust design help customers to save lots of maintanence; we FSP group focus on customer demands and provide customer service for them.


Energy Saving: The average luminaire from each store will be more than 3,800 tubes, each and every store will use more than 3,800 LED power. There are more than 60% of power saving changing to LED luminaire. As we calculate 16 hours using per day, Walmart could save more than 680 thousand kilowatts power. There are more than 100 Walmart using FSP power supply.


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