NB Slim

NB Slim universal notebook adapter ranges 90W and 120W. NB Slim series featured with close to half thinner thickness compared with traditional adapter, although size is smaller than regular, efficiency keeps over 88%, and meets DOE VI standards.Besides, NB Slim includes 9 exchangeable tips, it’s compatible with ACER, ASUS, HP, LENOVO…branded notebooks.FSP NB Slim series also engineering multiple circuit protections of OCP, OVP, SCP and OTP, and get global safety certificated to keep you and your notebook in safe.


NB V series provide simple and complete protections with high efficiency adapter for Notebook.


NB L Series notebook adapter has ultra slim size and compatible with all 18-20 Vdc input notebooks.


NB CEC Series is a standard notebook adapter with over 88% high efficiency and complete protection.


NB 45 is a 45W UltraBook and ChormeBook adapter with over 87% high efficiency.The weight of NB 45 is only 147g, the size is super small to hold it in your palm easily.Also, 8 changeable output tips are compatible with 18-20V input notebooks - Acer, Asus HP, Dell, Lenovo,Toshiba, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung etc…The best quality assurance with input fuse protection and fully safety approved.


FSP NB U Series is an universal Ultra-Notebook adapter with slim and compact. NB U65 PLUS comes with a built-in USB charging port.


NB Q Series is a new innovative product line from FSP. Slim with a light design. The EZ cable management let you easily pack and go. Carrying both your Notebook and NB Q90 plus adapter is no longer a hassle.


The FSP NB C series is power adapter complies with most USB Type-C powered devices charging for smartphones, tablets, laptops and more powerful devices. Compared with other Type-C adapters, the FSP NB C series provides 5 different power levels to ensure your devices charges fast and safe. Besides, to keep you and your devices in safe, the NB C series is engineering multiple circuit protections of OCP, OVP, SCP and OTP, and get global safety certified.


The universal adapter NB H Series is a combination of adapter and USB Hub.With multiple embedded USB 3.0 ports, it adds more convenience as an excellent solution for ultra-books an slim laptops users.


FSP Twinkle 65 Universal Notebook Adapter is the smallest & lightest 65W adapter in the world. The unique and considering design is to lighten your way and charge your mobile life like never before.


NET40 is a netbook adapter with over 88% high efficiency and complete protection.

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