FSP Amport 62 can charge 6 mobile devices at once (6 in 1). One port with QC3.0 (Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0) fast charging technology that provides the fastest charge in the world. More than 80% high efficiency, stylish compact size, and excellent manufacturing process, Amport 62 is the best way to charge multiple devices!


FSP USB charge provides you a brand new mobile power total solution. It is compatible with multiple USB- powered devices, like iPhone, iPad, mobile phone and any common devices. Easy to use, easy to charge!

Shining 15

FSP lightest car charger ever! Features with fast charging total 3.1A(2.1+1) output, 2 USB port, and also supports any kind of vehicle, truck fits too!

Shining 16

Shining VD 16

The Shinning VD Type-C car charger is a very user friendly and multi-functional device. Not only it charges your phone, but it also doubles up as a car battery reader at the same time. Once the car charger is plugged in, the car battery reader will automatically detect your car’s battery voltage level, and shows it through the indicator. The charger has two USB ports, and together they provide a maximum output current of 3.1A. It has a wide DC 12-24V input range which makes it compatible with all vehicles. The Shinning VD 16 Type-C charger is definitely a driver’s best choice.


Walk 5200 is designed with compact size and built- in with 5200 mAh high quality Samsung cell that can provide more than 2.5 times of the capacity of a smart phone. With dual USB Ports, Walk 5200 can charge 2 devices at the same time, saving consumers’ precious time.


Runner 10400/7800 are both featured with 2 USB charging ports & max output current 3.9A (2.4A+1.5A) that can charge two devices at the same time.

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