Power Supply


With the upcoming 5G, IoT (internet of things) and blockchain technology’s rapid development, the demand for high wattage and stable power supply is an inevitable trend. CANNON 2000 has been designed to provide stable output for your system, it is also equipped with 18 sets of PCI-E 6+2 PIN slots to run as a mining rig. It is built-in with a 135mm FDB fan for an increased airflow at rigorous mining environments, and a Japanese capacitor for high stability and efficiency. CANNON 2000 is a premium choice among high-efficiency PSUs for your system. Total Power: 2000W @200-240Vac, 1500W @115-200Vac, 1200W @100-115Vac.

HYDRO PTM+ - Platinum

FSP’s latest PSU-Hydro PTM+ is a unique, patented liquid cooled PSU, that was excusively created in cooperation with Bitspower, a renowned creator of liquid cooling solutions for PCs, to meet the industry’s highest security and safety standards. It is the world's first mass produced liquid cooled PSU with 80 PLUS® Platinum certification, with gorgeous LED lighting, ensuring that your systems will always stand out. The unique liquid cooling system, once enabled, increases the power rating from 1200W to 1400W, and still excels at efficiency, when running in silent mode (below 50% load) delivering a whooping 600W without the use of PSU fan for cooling, and thus remaining completely silence.


Hydro GE 80 Plus® Gold Power Supply is designed to maximize cooling efficiency with features such as a 135mm FDB fan with thermal control design, internal component arrangement for increased airflow, enhanced heat dissipation and efficient energy conversion.

HYPER M85+ - Bronze

Hyper M85+ Series is a 80 PLUS Bronze certified, semi-modular ATX PSU. It features with DC to DC module, +12V single-rail design, full Japanese e-capacitors, and a quiet 120mm fan. It's built-in with complete protections: OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP, and approved by global safety regulation. Hyper M 85+ Series comes in two models – 550W and 650W.

Micro ATX - 80PLUS


BERSERKER power supply provides powerful 500W and 80 PLUS© Bronze certified, it's an excellent choice for basic system builds and desktop PC computer upgrades.

HYDRO X - Gold

FSP Hydro X series is 80 PLUS Gold certified. Its unique ventilation hole design and premium-built components provide excellent cooling and quiet performance. With all Japan-made e-cap, it provides extreme stability and reliability. Custom DC-DC module offers supreme efficiency and high system compatibility. FSP Hydro X series is a great choice for those seeking a PSU with high performance, low energy loss, and high reliability.

Micro ATX - Bronze

AURUM 92+ - Platinum

AURUM 92+ Series is built with the FSP MIA IC technology which advances Active-Clamp Topology to a whole new level. With 80PLUS platinum certified and yet provides ultimate performance and highest protection that today's cutting-edge PC components demand.


Twins series, a redundant power supply, is designed for standard ATX or PS2 chassis, no front end bracket needed, ideal for mail, web or home server.Hot swappable modules design provides stable power supply: when one fails, the other can take over the load immediately.Thus users do not need to worry about any server/PC power off situation.

HYDRO PTM - Platinum

FSP's Hydro PTM power supply series feature 80 PLUS® Platinum rated efficiency and are fully modular. They are an excellent choice for high-performance PCs, thanks to the fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fan and Japanese electrolytic capacitors. These highly reliable power supplies are perfect for gaming enthusiasts and overclockers.

HYDRO G - Gold

FSP Hydro G is the world first one PSU break the rule and makes it as a standard to gamers. With three colors, it is easy to create your theme related to VGA cards.

Dagger - Gold

The Dagger Series is FSP's brand new 80 PLUS® gold SFX PSU. It features of a fully modular design, flat ribbon cables and DC to DC module design in a compact size that is suitable for small pc host machines, such as VR systems, Micro ATX systems and home media. The Dagger Series comes in two models — 500W and 600W, their power density are 2 times higher than the normal ATX PSU, to achieve a higher power performance.

AURUM PT - Platinum

FSP new PSU-AURUM PT Series has 80 PLUS® Platinum certification, and features full industrial-grade Japanese capacitors and full modular. It is the ultimate design for gaming enthusiast and overclocker ever!

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