PTM Title
PTM Title

The world's Only Liquid Cooled ATX PSU

Introducing FSP's Patented Unique Thermal Design (Patent No.:106302246 / 106201419)
Since 2003, FSP has continually developed and provided high-quality, reliable products as seen in our Aurum, Hydro, and Twins series.

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Strategic alliance development with Bitspower
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Come see it before anyone else at Computex 2017.

FSP Hydro PTM+!

This revolutionary new liquid cooled PSU is the first in the industry. It has been demanded by many PC building enthusiasts who have long been wanting an innovative solution to cool off their PSU both effectively and aesthetically pleasing. There were many safety concerns of running water in an electrical equipment in the past but we made it possible today through our continuous research, development and partnered with Bitspower's advanced technology.
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FSP Hydro PTM+!