FSP Amport 62 can charge 6 mobile devices at once (6 in 1). One port with QC3.0 (Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0) fast charging technology that provides the fastest charge in the world. More than 80% high efficiency, stylish compact size, and excellent manufacturing process, Amport 62 is the best way to charge multiple devices!


FSP USB charge provides you a brand new mobile power total solution. It is compatible with multiple USB- powered devices, like iPhone, iPad, mobile phone and any common devices. Easy to use, easy to charge!

Shining 15

FSP lightest car charger ever! Features with fast charging total 3.1A(2.1+1) output, 2 USB port, and also supports any kind of vehicle, truck fits too!

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Walk 5200 is designed with compact size and built- in with 5200 mAh high quality Samsung cell that can provide more than 2.5 times of the capacity of a smart phone. With dual USB Ports, Walk 5200 can charge 2 devices at the same time, saving consumers’ precious time.


Runner 10400/7800 are both featured with 2 USB charging ports & max output current 3.9A (2.4A+1.5A) that can charge two devices at the same time.

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